Who we are

DK Stainless is a leading sheet metal fabrication business based in Brisbane, Australia. We are not only passionate about your pets, but we also want to shine the global spotlight on the quality and value of Australian manufacturing. 

These days, the market is full of short-lived and disposable products which often break, need replacing and in most cases unfortunately end up in landfill. Through innovation, quality, precision, and service – we create products which are truly built to a lifetime.

We have taken responsibility to play our part in designing and manufacturing products from quality materials which are made to last, saving our customers time and money - Buy quality. Buy once!

Our Story

Our Founder, Dan, is a sheet metal fabricator by trade and a master of his craft with over 15 years experience. In 2009, he had the opportunity to represent Australia in the 40th WorldSkills International Competition in Calgary, Canada - the gold standard of skills excellence.

This competition raises the profile of skilled people by showing the world how important skills are in achieving economic growth. Dan placed 3rd against the world's leading sheet metal fabricators. Before this, Australia had never placed in the sheet metal fabrication category of the competition.

Years later, Dan was looking to find a water bowl solution for his Australian Kelpie, Boss, who took great pleasure in knocking over his water bucket every day.

"After trying out several auto-filling water troughs from overseas manufacturers, I found that none were reliable enough for Boss, who would tip over or break these products" - Dan Karanges.

Using his practical skills and knowledge from his trade, Dan took it upon himself to design and manufacture a cool and reliable drinking bowl that Boss couldn't knock over or destroy. And this is how DK Stainless came to be.

After humble beginnings in a backyard shed, some power tools and a D-I-Y attitude, we've grown into a small manufacturing company based in Brisbane, Australia. From our workshop in Seventeen Mile Rocks we have expanded our operations to provide high-quality Aussie made pet products to thousands of happy pet owners worldwide.

One of Dan's greatest passions is keeping Australian manufacturing alive and jobs right here in our backyard - this is who we are and this is why we exist. Thanks for being a part of it!