Our Mission

As a pet owner, you only want the best for your furry family members. We’re on a mission to give pet owners peace of mind when it comes to providing the necessities of care for your pets. Our products have a focus on wellbeing, functionality, durability, and sustainability.

These days, the market is full of short-lived and disposable products which often break, need replacing and in most cases unfortunately end up in landfill. Through innovation, quality, precision, and service – we create products which are truly built to a lifetime.

We have taken responsibility to play our part in designing and manufacturing products for pet owners which are built to last, saving them time and money over the life cycle of their pets. Buy quality. Buy once!

The Necessities of Care


A big worry of many pet owners is their pet running out of or accidently knocking over their water bowl while they are at work or away from home.

Pets can survive a day without food but not water, especially on those hot summer days.

This is where our mission began. Since 2016, our automatically refilling Pet Rehydration Station has been providing thousands of pet owners worldwide with ease of mind their pets won’t go without a reliable, cool, fresh source of water.


Just like us, food is vital for any pet and it’s the pet owner’s responsibility to deliver the right foods and quantities to ensure a happy and healthy pet.

One aspect that often gets overlooked is how we provide the food to our pets, as some materials are a breeding ground for bacteria.

Our feeding solutions are constructed from quality non-porous materials used in commercial kitchens and hospital settings ensuring a safe and hygienic delivery.

Safe Transport

Safe transport is a must when providing our pets with a quality standard of living.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, as pet owners, we may often need to transport our pets to the vet or places of exercise and socializing.

When transporting your pets safely, they should not be able to roam the vehicle freely as this is not only a distraction for the driver, but it also doesn’t provide them with safety in the event of a crash or accident.

Our Pet Transport Crates and Cages are designed and manufactured from heavy duty materials with safety features to provide pets a reliable and safe way to travel.


Our pets need to feel safe, so providing them with a safe and comfortable place that will protect them from any harm is a basic need.

Whether they live indoors or outdoors, a shelter for your pet to feel safe and more at home is a more than a necessity of care.


Our mission to provide reliable products assist pet owners the necessities of care of care may have solutions for water, food, safe transport, and shelter however at the end of the day, your love is something we can’t replicate.

Providing your pets with solutions for these necessities may give you peace of mind and show your pets you care for them, however it’s the love that you give to them they truly care about the most.

YOU are their human for life and in their eyes are irreplaceable.

Did you know...

Your average household pet can go days without food. However, without water, the effects of dehydration will show in as little as 24 hours.

The Solution

Why the Pet Rehydration Station ™ is the last water bowl you'll need

Since 2016, our Pet Rehydration Station ™ has been providing thousands of pet owners around the world with peace of mind that their furry members will never go without a cool, fresh, reliable source of water.

Using the highest quality materials and an indestructible design, our Pet Rehydration Station ™ will last a lifetime. We’re that confident that they are 100% pet-proof that we even back any products manufactured by us with a 10-year warranty against any manufacturing faults and defects.

Being constructed from a highly reflective material with a high temperature tolerance, the Pet Rehydration Station ™ is not only able to withstand extreme temperatures, but it also deflects direct sunlight significantly better than plastics and other materials. When exposed to direct sunlight for a couple hours, the water temperature inside our units should only fluctuate a couple degrees, if any at all. Our units have been confirmed to maintain a cool and consistent temperature in rural desert regions of Australia where temperatures exceeding 45 °C (113°F) is the norm.

Designing and manufacturing our products in Australia has allowed us to ensure the Pet Rehydration Station has been tried and tested in the toughest conditions and complies with some of the strictest plumbing standards and regulations in the world.

Each and every Pet Rehydration Station ™ is proudly assembled by hand with love at our workshop in Brisbane, Australia. From our backyard to yours.