Pet Rehydration Station™

How does the Pet Rehydration Station™ work?

The Pet Rehydration Station™ utilises a mechanical valve
system, like water troughs used by cattle and poultry in the agriculture industry.

When your pet drinks, the water level will drop - The mechanical valve will then automatically allow water to flow into the Pet Rehydration Station™ until it reaches a pre-set level where it will then shut off the water flow.

Every Pet Rehydration Station™ comes with a backflow device to ensure that back siphonage into mains water will never occur

It is an indestructible and reliable automatically refilling water solution for even the toughest pets.

Why is the Pet Rehydration Station™ better than other autofill bowls and troughs?

Unlike other troughs and auto-fills on the market, we utilise the highest quality materials and take pride in all stages of production and manufacturing of our products.

The Pet Rehydration Station™ fully houses and protects the mechanical valve system ensuring it does not get damaged and compromise your water source.

We’ve tried and tested our products the toughest conditions to truly last a lifetime, backing these with a 10-year warranty and ongoing customer support – not only that, but they are also the only unit on the market comply with some of the strictest plumbing standards and regulations.

Being made from metal, will it get hot in the sun?

Being from the land down under, you can imagine the sun is a massive factor when trying to provide care for our furry family members.

Our stations have been designed with dual layer insulation (like a portable cooler or thermos flask). Through this dual layer air insulation gap, the Pet Rehydration Station™ always maintains a cool/consistent temperature.

Being constructed from a highly reflective material with a high temperature tolerance, the Pet Rehydration Station™ is not only able to withstand extreme temperatures, but it also deflects direct sunlight significantly better than plastics and other materials.

When exposed to direct sunlight for a couple hours, the water temperature inside our units should only fluctuate a couple degrees, if any at all. Our units have been confirmed to maintain a cool and consistent temperature in rural desert regions of Australia where temperatures exceeding 45 °C (113°F) is the norm.

Will my dog break it?

They can try; however, we highly doubt it. They've survived, cattle, camels, dingos, emus, large marsupials and even baboons.

When we say the Pet Rehydration Station™ is 100% Pet Proof, that’s a guarantee. The internal mechanical valve mechanism is fully housed, the only way your pet can get to this is if they know how to use power tools.

Our products have been on the market since 2016. With thousands of pets worldwide (including military, police and border force working canines) we still have not lost one single Pet Rehydration Station™.

If you think your cheeky pet may pull on the provided Stainless Steel Braided Hose line, we recommend saddle clipping them to a wall or running the water through copper piping (which is what we recommend for those military, police and border force working canines).

Do I need a plumber to install the Pet Rehydration Station™?

Definitely not! We’ve designed these to be an easy D-I-Y installation. Some “handy man” skills may make things even easier, however everything needed to get up and running to a standard garden faucet is included with every purchase (detailed instructions, adapters, and fixings).

To make things even easier, we provide you with an easy, step by step installation video you can follow along to.

If you are looking to run water to your unit through copper piping or further away from the tap, that’s when we would recommend getting in touch with a plumber.

Does it come with a warranty?

We're that confident that our products are built to last a lifetime, any products manufactured by us are backed by a 10-year warranty (from date of purchase) against any manufacturing faults and defects - we’re that confident that are products are built to last a lifetime!

Check out this page for full info on our warranty: Product Warranty

Is it easy to clean?

It’s a breeze.

Every Pet Rehydration Station™ (excluding the XS) come with an easy waste release valve. Simply undo it to drain the unit.

Our units are not intended to be “set and forget”, a regular cleaning schedule is required to keep your water clean and station running optimally. This may differ due individual pet’s habits, location of installation etc.

You can look at our easy-to-follow care and cleaning guides here: Care and Cleaning

What size is suitable for my dog?

Being automatically refilling, water volume isn’t an issue. We’re not the type of business to upsell you a size that isn’t suited to you and your pets.

In most cases we would recommend our standard sized Pet Rehydration Station™.

Dependent on breed, number of pets and types of pets we may recommend one of our different sizes.

If you are unsure, you can get in touch with us directly here: Contact Us

What materials is the Pet Rehydration Station™ made of?

The standard range of Pet Rehydration Stations is manufactured from high quality stainless steel Grade 304, which under normal conditions this grade of stainless steel is corrosion resistant and used in commercial kitchens and hospital settings.

Any of our products manufactured from stainless steel marine grade 316 offer a higher level of corrosion resistance, due to its chemical composition.

While the cost of stainless steel marine grade 316 is slightly higher, it offers greater protection from any surface corrosion when installed in areas that directly (or indirectly) meet salt/chlorine or any other powerful corrosives (i.e., areas up to 5km from any coastline, saltwater lakes/rivers, salt/chlorine pools/spas).

Where are your products made?

Our products proudly designed and manufactured in Brisbane, Australia to survive the toughest Aussie conditions.

One of our biggest passions is shining the spotlight on quality Australian made products.

We are proudly wearers and licensees the famous green and gold kangaroo on our Pet Rehydration Station™ products as part of the official Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL) product certification.

General Questions

How much does shipping cost and how long will it take?

To make things easier, all shipping costs are automatically calculated at checkout. We have both standard and Express postage available for your convinience.

• All standard products are manufactured and dispatched within 3 business days from order placement during non sale periods. 

• All custom products require up to 20 business days for manufacturing and assembly prior to shipping.

• If you order during a sale period please allow up to 5-10 business days for your order to be shipped due to the huge volume of orders going through our warehouse.

If for some unforeseen reason there will be a delay in shipment our team will get in contact with you via email. 

Where do you ship to?

We ship anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

For other international orders, please get in touch with your location so we can source the most convenient and affordable shipping option for you - Contact Us

What payment methods are available?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express), as well as PayPal. 

We also have buy now, pay later with:

• Afterpay

• Zip

Can I have a discount for a bulk order?

You sure can! For Wholesale and Bulk-Orders; DK Stainless offers a direct sales program.

Get in touch with us directly at

Can I have a discount for Military, Government, Local Council and Law Enforcement Agencies?

You sure can! For Military, Government, Local Council and Law Enforcement Agencies DK Stainless offers a discount.

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